CSR Resource Guide

Why would you want a corporate foundation?

Companies generally start foundations (or alternatives to corporate foundations) to help formalize their philanthropic programs. Ad hoc, nonstrategic giving is expensive, ineffective and time consuming, and a formal program can help to prevent that. Here are the four main reasons that companies start their own foundations. 

Managing Charity Requests

Nonprofits regularly use the annual reports of other nonprofits to source new prospects. By making a donation, you're signalling that you're a philanthropic company, and philanthropic companies are likely to make donations to other charities. In other words, the number of charitable solicitations you receive will increase – sometimes dramatically. How do you manage the increased number of charity requests?

How do you set up a corporate foundation?

The term “corporate foundation” doesn’t actually have any official definition in US tax code. Usually, however, it is used to refer to either a private foundation controlled by a corporation, or a public charity associated with a corporation. Each of these are variations on a theme, and while there are very important differences between the two, the process for setting them up is mostly the same.