In 2015, Fortune 500 companies each gave an average of $47.9 million to charity. Those companies know that investing in social responsibility programs generates huge potential benefits


marketing and sales

Differentiate your company with a reputation for strong, positive social responsibility.
  • 90% of customers are willing to switch to a brand associated with a good cause
  • 80% of customers would tell friends and family about a company's CSR efforts
  • Customers are willing to pay up to 20% more for products and services provided by a company with excellent CSR
  • Every $1 spent on corporate philanthropy can generate $6 in increased sales revenue (subject to the law of diminishing returns!)

reputation and risk

Not only does great CSR performance attract customers, it also decreases risk and protects your company's reputation.
  • 87% of customers expect companies to do more than make a profit
  • 91% of customers have a more positive image of a company that supports social or environmental issues
  • In a crisis, a well-managed CSR program can protect 4-7% of a firm's total value
  • Corporate responsibility can provide a 10% boost in customer satisfaction

human resources

Some of the most powerful effects of good CSR are internal to your firm. 
  • Productivity increases up to 13%
  • The annual turnover rate decreases by 25-50%
  • 72% of millennials (and 53% of all employees) say "a job where I can make an impact" is important to their happiness.
  • Strong CSR programs attract higher performing workers.


It's no longer up for debate that effective CSR programs also generate financial returns. 
  • Effective CSR can increase the market value of a firm by 4-6%
  • The cost of equity can be reduced by 1% with strong social responsibility programs
  • Excellent CSR performance can reduce the cost of debt by 40-45 basis points