Big companies have the resources to make sure they are getting the best return on their charitable investments: They ensure that their gifts are being put to good use, and that they’re receiving the best possible goodwill for them. Essentially, they’ve found a way to control and maximize their philanthropy budget.

How do they do it?

Big companies do two things:

  1. They hire one or more employees to manage their philanthropy program
  2. They create a corporate foundation to brand their corporate giving

The typical entry price for this solution? $200,000.

Valor CSR can provide your small to midsize company with the benefits of corporate social responsibility while bypassing that $200,000 entry fee. We set you up with your own corporate foundation, and provide all the services you would expect from an internal CSR person.

How does it work?

Big companies typically set up corporate foundations one-to-one with their company. A corporation will set up its own 501(c)3, have its own board of directors, and be responsible for its own governance, accounting, audit, and tax return.

Valor CSR can establish multiple corporate foundations under the umbrella of a single 501(c)3. That way the governance, accounting, audit, and tax return costs can be spread over many organizations.

The practical result is that businesses can now realize the benefits of their own corporate foundation for a fraction of the cost.

Instant Corporate Foundation


  • The status associated with having a corporate foundation
  • Significantly cheaper than a standard corporate foundation
  • Avoid all governance and regulatory risks

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Foundation Response Services


  • Save time by diverting all donation requests to us
  • Dedicated customer service for your grantees makes you seem much bigger than you are

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CSR Program Management


  • Maximize the benefits you receive from CSR programs
  • Significantly increase the public relations and marketing impact of your CSR programs

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With an Instant Corporate Foundation from Valor CSR, you get the reputational and budget-control benefits of a formal corporate philanthropy program.

Each Instant Corporate Foundation includes:

  • Your own branded foundation
  • Annual reporting of all transactions
  • Donation acknowledgements
  • IRS forms and filings
  • Annual audits
  • Regulatory and governance activities

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Foundation response services

Foundation response services from Valor CSR give you the ability to positively and politely collect (or deflect) donation requests.

Services include:

  • A customized donation request form for your website that automatically transfers requests to our database and provides information about your giving process back to charities.
  • A custom phone number just for your foundation, which we answer. We can provide your program information over the phone, or simply add those requests to our database.

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CSR Program management

Corporate Social Responsibility Program Management from Valor CSR gives you your own dedicated CSR team.

Services include:

  • Strategy development – get expert help on maximizing the benefits of your CSR programs
  • Charity grant application review and reporting
  • Assistance identifying charities that will provide the best return on your charitable investment
  • Public relations and marketing support to increase the impact of gifts
  • Technical assistance to charity recipients to help them provide better impact data
  • Community impact reports, either online or in print

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