Soundtoys is setting a great example

Today we would like to feature Soundtoys, a music software developer based in Burlington, Vermont. 100% of the proceeds from their sales on December 25-26 were donated to the ACLU. For two days, every purchase was a donation.

Their email newsletter is reprinted in its entirety below. But here's why we think it's awesome. 

Their support is thoughtful

The newsletter explains why they chose the ACLU, and exactly what they hope the donation achieves. Soundtoys features their entire team in the photo, and it's very likely that selecting that specific charity was a team effort.

They share the spotlight with their customers

From the post: "It’s heartening to see our users stand up for the rights of ALL people – the response to our charity drive for the ACLU was massive! We are humbled and truly thankful for the support of everyone who donated.”

They've just captured some customers for life

More than a few of the people who made purchases over those two days had no idea that the charitable giving promotion was going on, and were pleasantly surprised by the social benefit of their purchase. That good feeling about Soundtoys will continue to stick with those customers.

Nice work, Soundtoys!

I feel lucky to be able to contribute to this incredible and diverse community of music makers and creative audio wizards. Many of our greatest artists are those who dare to challenge the norm and express new ideas, sounds and unconventional ways of being through music. The freedom to be different and express those differences openly is important. So much progress has been made in the past to support equal rights and freedom of expression for all people, regardless of color, belief, nationality and gender, but those rights are not set in stone.

I believe that it’s more important than ever to take action to protect the civil rights and freedom of expression for ALL people.

On December 25-26, 2016, we offered customers the opportunity to support human rights and civil liberties through our We’re ALL In charitable giving promotion. During these two days, 100% of sales proceeds were passed on to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) – every purchase was a donation.

Collectively we raised $62,415.

I chose to support the ACLU because I strongly believe that our human dynamics should be celebrated, not suppressed. The ACLU is devoted to protecting the basic civil liberties of everyone in America. It’s heartening to see our users stand up for the rights of ALL people and join me in supporting this organization. I’m happy to pass along this note that we received from them:

“The ACLU is so grateful for the outpouring of support we have received from people across the country. Donations from companies like Soundtoys bolster our ranks as we prepare for the fight of our lives to defend the Constitution and the American values we hold dear. Thank you, Soundtoys, for your generous support!”  – ACLU Chief Development Officer, Mark Wier.

Everyone at Soundtoys is humbled and truly thankful for the support of those who donated. Thank you for your contributions and your continuing support.

With gratitude and respect,

Ken Bogdanowicz
Soundtoys CEO & Lead Designer